School Support – School Review

School Reviews

To support schools by reviewing their progress either:

  • Three years from the last inspection and three years until the next one.
  • One year before a school inspection.
  • Early after the commencement of a new headship in a school.
  • Six months prior to an Estyn re-visit.
  • At any time the school requires.

The review focus can be selected from one or more of the following:

  • Leadership
  • Teaching and learning
  • Assessment
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Curriculum
  • Well-being
  • Key Skills
  • Foundation Phase
  • Key Stage 2

If several areas are identified by the school one or more additional experts may be invited to join the review. For example, I work closely with Literacy Consultant Helen Bowen we are able to review the key areas of leadership and literacy in depth. School staff will always be invited to join the review team.

Key features of the review would include:

  • The development of evaluation techniques for the SLT to use.
  • Alignment with ESTYN criteria.
  • Verbal feedback to agreed audiences after the review.
  • A summary report identifying the strengths, areas for development and an outline of ways forward (the depth of this developmental aspect would be agreed at the outset).
  • Working with the school to draw up an improvement plan (optional).

Example of the Review Process:

  1. The school makes contact to discuss review.
  2. School and Gareth Coombes (GC) agree the focus areas for review and involvement of others.
  3. GC sends school a suggested timetable 5 days prior to review date which includes: areas of evaluation and how this would occur.
  4. School agrees/modifies the programme as necessary.
  5. GC arrives at school (8.15 am) and undertakes the working review with key staff.
  6. Verbal feedback to SLT at end of day (4.30 pm).
  7. Written report sent to school within 5 working days.

Costs for Reviews:

Fees for specific work will be agreed at outset depending on the length of review and possible involvement of others.

For a standard one day review covering all aspects as set out above the fees are: £650.00

To discuss any of the above please contact me.

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