School Support – Leadership Development

The leadership development programmes reflect the Welsh Government’s vision for leadership development at all levels of a school. The sessions have the core purpose of developing skills and understanding based on the relevant leadership standards for current and future roles(s).

Click to see the five separate modules that each run over three separate days. The modules begin in the early years of a teacher’s career and seek to provide a ‘continuum of provision for a continuum of need’. Therefore teachers, in consultation with their line managers/heads will select the most relevant module for their needs. It is envisaged that some teachers will only undertake one module whilst others, over time, select two or three.

An additional element of the programme is the Deputy Head development sessions (a day each term). This will enable practising deputies to continue to improve their understanding of their role.

All modules, and sessions within, have crucial common features these are:

  • Explicit references to the leadership standards.
  • Establishing a morale purpose for underpinning actions.
  • Widening personal effectiveness and improving influencing skills with colleagues.
  • Direct links to the three educational priorities of the Welsh Government.
  • Improving learning and teaching ‘getting to good’, and from ‘good to excellent’.
  • Reducing in-school variation.
  • Using data effectively.
  • Helping teachers become effective evaluators and using this information to devise improvement plans that raise standards.
  • Sharing and signposting of relevant educational research.
  • Best practices are exemplified from a variety of schools in Wales and the UK with inputs provided from other professionals.
  • Accreditation, in terms of ‘cash-in’ MA level credits for completed modules and assignments.

Should schools wish to send staff to a single day, or two of three, this can be done.

For all modules: all course materials including course booklets are provided electronically free of charge.

Booking: Please visit for times and booking information.

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