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Quotes from Participants who attended the leadership modules in 2012 / 2013

Innovative, stimulating and most importantly immediately useful! I can’t wait to get back to school to use what I have learned.

RCT Teacher (Module 1)

A great introduction to leadership with a series of ideas and materials that will enable me to make an instant impact.

Bridgend Teacher (Module 1)

Gareth blends theory and practice superbly so that skills have relevance and deepens my understanding.

Blaenau Gwent Teacher (Module 2)

This is just the course I needed. The application of the skills in challenging contexts: including presentations, really helped build my confidence…. Now I know I can do it!

Cardiff Teacher (Module 2)

I have learnt to love data, it used to be confusing, now I am growing to like it and now I can see how it can be empowering!

Bridgend Teacher (Module 3)

Gareth inspired me with enthusiasm balanced with practical skills to implement on my return…my headteacher is a going to like this!

Torfaen SLT member (Module 3)

The most relevant INSET I have ever received for my role as TLR holder.

Newport Teacher (Module 3)

The superb sessions helped me develop my leadership skills so that I could immediately transfer them into my ‘day job’. The days flew by!

Monmouthshire Deputy Head (Module 4)

I am now ready for the challenge of deputy headship. This course demonstrated best practice and has given me confidence to make it happen!

Bridgend Acting Deputy Head (Module 4)

The deputy updates covered everything I needed to improve my effectiveness and it was fun!

Cardiff Deputy Head

The inputs from practitioners gave context and were so enlightening about how the school achieved success!

Monmouthshire Deputy Head

The mock interviews were scary but brilliant for learning! (Optional!)

Newport Deputy Head

The three days for new heads were excellent. It was great to be with other heads and learn and share. We covered so many important themes. This will make me a better headteacher and feel confident about what I can achieve and will do.

EAS Headteacher (Module 5)

A great three days, do decontextualised or dated leadership theory, just what to do and how to do it and survive! It was great working with others in a similar position and know that you are not alone.

CSC Headteacher (Module 5)


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