My Approach

Understanding the Context

To develop a school, the consultant involved must have a clear understanding of the school’s context, its history, staff, pupils, community, achievements, issues, beliefs and uniqueness. The visitor must understand the school’s priorities and needs and respond accordingly.

Acting with Integrity

Schools permit you to enter their world, they open themselves to scrutiny, and therefore visitors must respect that and act with integrity and sensitivity.

Establishing Professional Partnerships with Colleagues

A strong professional partnership with colleagues is a basis for making sustained gains by enabling courageous conversations in an honest and trusting context.

Ensuring Leadership Well-being

Leadership of a school is a lonely job. It presents  a range of challenges on a daily basis and this impacts on leaders in both positive and negative ways. Without securing their own well-being leaders will be unable to be effective in securing the well-being of others. I work to secure the well-being of leaders.

Establishing the Balance of Support and Challenge

I believe it is the duty of all school communities to continually challenge themselves to improve performances of learners. This should be balanced by the appropriate levels of support that will optimise the gains. I seek to find that balance.

Facilitating Networking

I work with schools in seeking best practice from within, and beyond Wales. I have an excellent knowledge of schools across South Wales and give advice regarding the most appropriate links to further develop school to school working.

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