Leadership – Module 4

Target Audience

New Assistant and new Deputy Heads who wish to widen their skills of deputy headship including evaluating teaching outcomes and improving teachers’ performance.

Day 1

  • Golden rules of deputy headship and establishing an effective school climate.
  • Developing effective observational skills of teachers experiencing difficulties.
  • Securing your accountability – of others and the school.
  • Writing an excellent self-evaluation report.

Day 2

  • Implications for schools of the key messages from Estyn’s Annual Report.
  • Writing summative evaluations for the quality of teaching.
  • From accurate self-evaluation to high quality school improvement planning (long and short term).
  • Writing clear school improvement plan priorities for key areas: literacy, numeracy, well-being and teaching.

Day 3

  • Developing the qualities and behaviours of effective leaders.
  • Understanding yourself and others – including leadership styles.
  • Discovering the improvement approaches and strategies from the best performing schools.
  • Preparing for the NPQH.

Inter-sessional Tasks Include:

  • Responding to ESTYN’s Annual Report.
  • Undertaking a focussed lesson observation and facilitating improvements in teaching.
  • Writing a priority area for the School Improvement Plan.


Thursday 14th November 2013 (follow link to book)

Friday 14th February 2014 (follow link to book)

Thursday 22nd May 2014 (follow link to book)

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